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Just outside of Delhi, there is a quarry: "the Red Village" in which 40,000 people, men, women and children, have worked as stone cutters for many years. Many have developed silicosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of the red sandstone. Mr SA Azad, a fearless and determined environmental activist, set up "PRASAR" - an NGO which has fought to provide safe working conditions, abolish child labor and fight for compensation. Lately he set up a Resource Center in which volunteers would work together with Indian volunteers.

This project is connected with a network of others around the country.

Volunteers with a background in medicine, public health, public health nursing, environmental studies, data management and analysis are needed. They will carry out examinations, field investigations, writing reports, analyzing data together with their Indian partners. Room and board at a nominal fee will be available at Maulana Azad Medical College.

For more information: Prasar Silicosis project

Gujarat, Anand, Baroda

Maternal and Child health and Community Center Program in Gujarat (Near Patel Medical Campus). This center's Director is Dr Viren Dosh. He is a highly idealistic hard working physician, committed to serving his people overseas a network of 800 maternal and child health stations staffed by nurses and health workers. These stations reach into poor rural outlying rural tribal areas in which there are many small farmers.

Not far away is the headquarters of Peoples Training and Research Center an NGO devoted to worker health and safety, headed by Jagdesh Patel, one of India’s leaders in this field and has won awards from all over the world for his work. Patel carries out field surveys of worker health and safety hazards, most notably silicosis.

Required experience, background and skills

Students in medicine, nursing, public health, medical administration, first aid and sanitation social work environmental health, sanitation, and organizing and computerizing medical records. Those interested in doing intervention oriented public health research as part of their experience in India are welcome.

Aurangabad - Dr. Hedgewar Hospital and Community Development Center

Aurangabad is the regional capital surrounded by many agricultural villages. The hospital was founded by a group of 5 idealistic young doctors. Its mission is not only to take care of the sick, but to serve as a catalyst for community development through projects in agriculture, water, irrigation, education and public health .It supervises a network of maternal and child health project and primary care stations in the slums. The areas in which volunteers are needed are:

  1. Training and extension activities for the small and marginal farmers in Natural Resources Management- especially, drip irrigation, newer cropping patterns in draught prone areas, and other technologies according to the micro climate.
  2. Watershed works, De-saltation of empty reservoirs.
  3. Assistance in Maternal and Child Health Programs in the villages and community health programs in urban slums.
  4. Training the rural veterinary health volunteers in veterinary first aid.
  5. Disaster Management and First Aid Training to students and volunteers.


Pragati-Pratishthan is a registered NGO in located in Jawhar and Mokhadataluka of Thane district. It works in education, and rural development. The NGO works with villagers in tribal areas in Agriculture, maternal and child health, solar lighting, rain water harvesting, empowerment of women through small saving groups and education. It runs a school for children with hearing impairment.

The work started with a rehabilitation project in slums of Thane. Decent houses for slum dwellers along with water and sanitation facilities were provided by the organization.The members of managing committee, social workers and employees many projects have been successfully handled and implemented since then. The NGO receives guidance, cooperation and monetary support given by members of the society.

Skills needed: Work with children with hearing aids; work with rural development, agriculture, rain water harvesting, empowerment of women through small saving groups and education.

Mumbai, Thane

In Mumbai, near the port area, there is a live-in dormitory school for poor visually impaired children from all over India. It has operated by an NGO founded by Dr Anuja Purandare. It has some 200 pupils who study arts and crafts, English, computer skills and other vocational skills and various products which they sell. The children speak elementary English. It is located in a complex which houses many other schools and care programs for children and others with special needs. The teachers and staff are superbly idealistic, cheerful and dynamic.

While in Mumbai the volunteers would have the opportunity to become familiar with this amazing city and its Jewish communities.

The school building is spotless and the staff is dynamic and enthusiastic. The school would accept volunteers who teach arts and crafts, English, computer and internet skills and martial arts of self-defense – especially for the girl students.Volunteers would receive room and board on site for a very modest.


Harali is a small town, not far from famous pune, near some old magnificent castles and walls. The town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1993. Right afterwards, two unusual men came to the site to devote their lives to helping the people rebuild the city. They established a highly innovative school and dormitories for 300 children from the surrounding countryside. There also is an agricultural school, where they study agriculture technology, irrigation, crop management, solar energy, and participate in agriculture experiments to introduce new crops to the district.

Many of the students in the lower grades suffer from anemia from nutritional deficiencies or parasitic infections or both.

Volunteers are needed for:


"We shall unite all Goans to interact and help each other and to meet social obligations"

In Goa, there is an organization called "Aami Goenkar" in which Israeli volunteers can work alongside Indian Volunteers, in projects for increasing productivity of cashews, coconuts, rice, Vegetables and fruits. There are also potential opportunities for volunteering in fishing projects. One of the main goals of this amazing organization is to inculcate virtue of contributing back to society and promote peaceful co-existence. lodging would be in the one major city called Margao.

There is a need for volunteers with experience, knowledge, and abilities in:

More details are available in: Aami Goenkar